3 Tips to Ensure You’ll Never Go To Bed Without Washing Your Face

Miss one night of washing your face and you’ll age 7 days. Have you ever heard that before? Yikes!!! Okay, I’m not sure how true that may be, but I do know missing a night without washing your face can lead to clogged pores, pore cell turnover and just a ughh feeling in the morning. Have you ever experienced this?

Okay. Here’s the thing. I know with days full of work, running errands, cleaning the house, etc. it can sometimes seem not as important as getting an extra 5 mins of sleep. Okay, it sounds silly now as I type this. We all know the importance of washing your face–especially at night. so, here ate 3 tips to ensure you’ll never go to bed without washing your face:

  1. Wash early
  2. Simplify your routine
  3. Have an accountability partner

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