About Me

I’m Jaquelin and welcome to Jaquelin’s Journal! I started this website as a place to build up women in my community and share about products & ideas to build confidence. As someone who struggled with self-confidence in her teens, I wanted to create an online space for women to be reminded of how awesome they are! Encouraging more self-love is what I’m all about! This is a place to create healthy skin care habits, find makeup tips and take part in mindset discussions. I’m excited you’re here!

My love for self care all started back when I was a teenager struggling with severe acne and having a hard time feeling confident in my skin. Today I can proudly say that I have never felt more confident in my skin. It’s the perfect combination of the right products, healthy habits and growing in my confidence. I’m truly passionate about helping women feel beautiful on the inside & the outside and that’s why back in 2016, I decided to partner with an iconic beauty brand that shares the same mission as I do — enriching women’s lives.

If you were to tell me back when I was a teen that I’d have the career I do today, I wouldn’t have believed you. Funny how life works out sometimes. I truly feel I have landed into the industry I was always meant to be in and could not be more grateful for the circumstances that brought me here. This beauty brand partnership not only allows me to be the vehicle into the hearts & minds of women, supplying them with amazing products, but I also get to lead an incredible team who are building their own impact and creating their dream life too! To learn more about how I can serve you, send me a message below!

Whether you have a product question, topic idea or want to learn more about joining my team, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message and I’ll reply within 24-48 hours.

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